Don’t Let the Summer Come Between You and Your Fitness Goals…

Far too often, avid gym-goers will become more relaxed and lenient in the summer months, losing their routine, muscle mass and tone.
Everyone loves to enjoy that summer sunshine but make sure to keep the gym a priority and an important part of your weekly routine. Don’t lose sight of your goals! By doing this you will ensure you won’t become victim to the fall-time rut.
When you become more lenient over the summer months, you create challenges to get back on point come the fall. Success over the summer doesn’t have to be hard! It can be easy to stay on track! Grab a gym partner or friend to attend with you, join a boot camp class or structured fitness class and keep the guess work at bay. Go one step further and get a personal trainer to help keep you motivated and in check.
Once you’ve set aside that individualized time for the gym, set your summer goals. If you are adamant about staying on track you must plan for it. Creating habits that will ensure success and will allow you to achieve all your fitness goals is a sure must! It is important to remember that when setting summer gym goals, you are also setting goals that are attainable and realistic for yourself. If your schedule has changed for the summertime, adjust your goals and habits to reflect this. To stay on track with your goals throughout the summer months set your focus on a few smaller goals you would like to achieve and set a time frame you’d like to achieve them by. Lastly, keep your progress in check as it is important to recognize each and every achievement including small gains so you can truly track and see how far you’ve come.
So, keep your mind and body in the fitness game this summer and don’t lose sight of what you’re capable of achieving. At 212 Degree Fitness we’re here to keep the folks of Littleton, Colorado in check throughout the year and particularly over the challenging summer months. We’re with you every step of the way and our team of trainers will be able to assist you in devising a plan that works for you! Come on in and see us anytime. We’re waiting for YOU!

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