Our personal trainers at 212 Degree Fitness will help you be accountable

We’ve heard it all before and in many walks of life: Be Accountable. But when it comes to
fitness, be accountable to who and how? There are many ways to maintain accountability with
yourself and those around you which will strengthen your ability to achieve the goals you have
set out for yourself.
Are you a techy? If so, technology can be a great tool when it comes to maintaining
accountability. You can track your successes, time spent at the gym, new accomplishments – you
name it! You can also set up accountability groups online with like-minded people and share
your results, successes and, yes, even your pitfalls, to keep you pressing forward. There are a
host of apps out there that you can download which will make accountability second nature for
you. Try using an app in tandem with an online accountability group and the opportunity for
success is endless.
We all know the impacts of strength in numbers. Same goes for the gym. Have you considered
pairing up with a friend and setting dates/times to attend the gym? This can be a great way to
remain accountable as you have a fitness buddy right by your side rooting for your success while
you root for theirs. And remember strength in numbers, why not ask multiple friends and attend
as a group. Build up your group and your workout sessions will take on a whole new meaning…
And more recently, social media has become a great tool to remain accountable. We’ve seen a
rise in online accountability groups through social media where women and men are supporting
each other through online forums and discussions sharing their successes and assisting each other
in overcoming their setbacks. We’ve also seen a host of before/after photos being shared which
help us to reflect on where we’ve come from and how much closer we are to where we want to
be. For some, it may be a little out of your comfort zone to post before/after photos of your
success but there are ways around that. Of course, when it comes to social media and even your
online fitness accountability groups, set your privacy settings and share only what you feel
comfortable sharing. After all it’s your story to tell how you want to. And if you ever need help
overcoming your next challenge there is ALWAYS a sea of people online that will be there to
help you, guide you, and cheer for you along the way.
And of course, at 212 Degree Fitness, your personal trainer can also make a great accountability
partner. Feel free to reach out to your trainer when you’re feeling a decline in your level of
motivation. Share how you feel with your trainer. We’re here to help you overcome any
challenges you face. We’ll push you to get out of bed, stay on track with your fitness goals,
achieve them and hey, even set your next goals. We’ll keep you moving! After all, that’s our job
– to support you, guide you and cheer you on. Facing a setback? Don’t be shy. Share it with us as
we’ve got the tips and tricks to help you, Littleton, Colorado, overcome any struggle and get
back on track!

***(there is no guarantee of specific results and results can vary based upon each individual )

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