Dre is supportive and knows how to push me.

I started personal training sessions with Dre last fall and it has been a wonderful experience for me.  I was having a problem with one of my knees and my doctor had recommended some exercises to strengthen certain muscles around my knee.  I decided to try a few personal training sessions to learn more exercises and to make sure I was doing the other exercises correctly.  Dre did a fantastic job and while my knee is fine now I am continuing to do exercises she showed me to keep things in shape.  At the end of our time together, I decided to continue working with Dre.  She is really supportive and knows just how to push me.  She is a great listener and is able to see before I can tell her that something hurts or isn’t comfortable.  She will then ask me questions and then modify the exercise to better suit my abilities that day.  She is introducing me to equipment that I have never used, which is keeping me excited about workouts and showing me that I have skills and abilities that I did not know that I have.  I can see how much stronger I have become.  I like the flexibility of being able to talk to her about working on a specific muscle group and then spending several sessions doing just that.  Personal training with Dre has become an excellent accompaniment to my bike riding, boot camp and kick boxing classes.  Dre’s support and encouragement is helping me become stronger, meet my weight loss goals and become more well rounded in my fitness.  She is also just great fun to be around!


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