Gym Etiquette

Whether you take a personal approach to workouts, or benefit more from group fitness classes such as Boot Camp, you may be sharing gym facilities with lots of other people. At 212° Fitness in Littleton, we believe that a gym should be a welcoming place that’s free of negativity. To that end, we are providing some basic guidelines for gym etiquette to promote harmony in your health and fitness facility.

Put equipment where it goes. Be considerate when you’re using free weights, kettle balls, mats, gloves, ropes, pads, or any other gear that’s intended for all gym members. Return everything you use to its proper place so that others can easily find it and begin their workout.

Clean up after yourself. Sweat is inevitable during a workout, and it’s also likely to end up all over whatever exercise equipment you happen to be using. Take a moment after your workout to wipe down any of the gear you’ve used.

Don’t monopolize. You may have put a lot of careful thought into designing a workout circuit, but but don’t expect others not to move in when you leave one piece of equipment and move over to another one. If you want to rotate between specific equipment or machines without others disrupting your circuit, consider working out during hours when less people are present in the gym.

212° Fitness takes pride in maintaining a collaborative environment that promotes our clients’ health and fitness. If you’re interested in working out in a clean, friendly, and welcoming gym, contact us today!

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