Staying motivated

Has March brought on a lack of motivation when it comes to your workout routine? Trust us, you’re not alone! At 212 Degree Fitness, our trainers are here to help you stay motivated and on track with your goals. We realize that sometimes staying motivated and focused can be a challenge…for all of us so that’s why we’ve put together a few quick and easy tips to help you switch things up and keep you pressing forward!
Of course, seeing the weight melt off and the muscle build up can keep you pushing forward towards your goals but shaking up your style a bit can also make a world of difference in your mental state of mind. Being passionate about working out is one thing but we often hit bumps in the road that toy with our levels of motivation. If you’re feeling a decline in your level of motivation to hit the gym, speak to one of our trainers and we’ll help you to modify your workout routine to get you back on track. Our goal is for you to enjoy your workouts, achieve your goals and of course enjoy your time at the gym with us at 212 Degree Fitness.
Another great motivator is MUSIC. Switch up your playlist, borrow a friend’s playlist or hit the Internet and look for some upbeat tunes that will keep your body moving. Another great idea to gear yourself up for your workout sessions is to start listening to your playlist en route to the gym to get yourself mentally prepared for the physical workout that lies ahead. Give it a go! Feel free to switch up your playlists with new tunes until you find something that works just right for you. Sometimes switching up your playlist on a regular basis can make a world of difference in your level of motivation. Give it a go!
And another great suggestion that probably doesn’t need reminding (or even suggesting at all for that matter) is treat yourself. After a tough workout session, a week of successes or “just because” you stuck with it, treat yourself to something special. Whether it be simple self-care, a pampering session, a shopping trip, or hey, even a vanilla latte, small treats go a long way in keeping you motivated and on track.
So, don’t let a rut hold you back. We’ve all been there. Switch things up, shake it up, and you’ll

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