Littleton Workouts All Month Long! March Madness!

One of the most effective ways of training is through isolated workouts at 212 Degree fitness in Littleton, Colorado. Concentrating your efforts on one area, like your upper body or legs, can elevate your routine and provide you with excellent results. Looking for a good breakdown of exercises? Take a look below. The best way to know which workouts will benefit you most is by working one-on-one with a qualified personal trainer, available at 212 Degree Fitness in Littleton Colorado.

The main focus for upper body could be chest, arms, back, and/or abs. Here’s some suggestions to help you build an upper body workout, with targeted exercises. For chest, exercises such as the bench press or a fly are ideal. Lower weights with high reps are great for toning, and higher weights with low reps are good for building muscle and attaining personal bests. For abs, there are a wide variety of exercises, from leg raises, to crunches, to Russian twists, to mountain climbers. Think about if you want to target upper or lower abs, or even obliques, and move from there. An important thing to note while doing targeted exercises is to avoid working complementary muscles on the same day – e.g. biceps and triceps. Experts recommend working out muscles in groups, like back and biceps or chest and triceps, to avoid overexertion.

Finding the right workout for you can be overwhelming. First, you need to decide what your fitness goals really are. Are you hoping to define those abs or build those glutes? Maybe you’re looking to become more toned, or more balanced. Determine those areas of focus through self-reflection, a discussion with a trainer, or simply by thinking about what exercises you genuinely enjoy or an area you feel weak in. Once you have your goals defined, the process of picking the right exercises becomes much easier. Working with one of our exceptional personal trainers will allow you to create a routine that will help you meet your fitness goals. Our trainers can help you create and expertly implement an awesome workout routine!

***(there is no guarantee of specific results and results can vary based upon each individual )

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