Delisa has given my life back

I’ve been struggling with my weight all my life… I’ve been on diet after diet and
attempted many gyms and workouts on my own to no avail.
I walked into LA Boxing 2 yrs ago in hopes of something different and possibly
try a personal trainer. That’s when I met Delisa Novak.

I found that Delisa is a well knowledgeable, certified and experienced personal trainer. She gave me an evaluation and listened to my goals and needs.
Even though I have a bad back and hip flexor issue she took all that into
consideration to build a perfect & adjustable training program suited for me.
I’ve played sports and love personal & physical challenges, but due to weight issues I’ve lost all my confidence. I’m not the easiest client, and much of a rebel at heart. Delisa really steps up and pushes when needed, yet takes into consideration of my limitations.
With her challenging workouts I have more stamina, endurance and more confidence in doing new things that I have never done before like learning how to box/kick box, plyometrix, core strengthening, and what she loves most is to put me through obstacle courses or boot camp training! Hate it, but yes I Love it! I also love how she constantly mixes it up and adds nutritional guidance.
In 2012 I’ve had a set back and needed shoulder surgery from a long ago injury. It has put me mentally, physically and emotionally back. Delisa & I have come a long way in 2yrs and she’s a huge support, I consider her not only a great trainer, but a friend and she has stuck by my side through a lot! She has really encouraged me back into working out again and getting my health back on track. I’m looking forward to training with her again!
2013 is a new beginning and I cant say enough about Delisa, except that I truly appreciate her professionalism, dedication, support and inspiration. She has given me my life back and am looking forward to a healthier, fit and challenging 2013.
Thank you Delisa!

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