2019: Easily Stay on Track with 212 Degree Fitness!

Well, the holidays are over so that means back to the grind! A New Year brings a new start, allowing us to reflect on the fitness goals we achieved this past year and to plan for the new ones that lie ahead. If you feel like you need a push in the right direction to get a head start on those fitness goals for this year — keep reading!

This time of year, it’s easy to fall out of your fitness routine. Staying on track doesn’t have to be so hard! There are many ways you can make sure you’ll get to the gym — and consistently. And remember at 212 Degree Fitness we’re here to help! First of all, treat working out like an appointment. Set aside a time each day (that you plan on working out) and log it into your phone, have Siri remind you, write it on the calendar in big letters, and make the genuine effort to make it on time and on schedule. After showing up for your “appointment” at 212 Degree Fitness, it’s guaranteed you’ll be feeling refreshed and energized.

Secondly, use the buddy system. It’s important to make fitness fun and it can be as simple as inviting your friend along to enjoy a class or hit a circuit with you. You’ll have someone to hold you accountable and to laugh along with! 212 Degree Fitness offers so many great classes for you and your buddy to enroll in hosted by excellent and highly qualified instructors.
Lastly, make room in your budget for fitness. It shouldn’t fall under the “luxury” category — taking care of your health is a necessity! Set aside a small sum to treat yourself to cute new workout gear or that new protein powder you’ve been eyeing. By grabbing the essentials for working out and signing up to a great gym like 212 Degree Fitness, you’ll be feeling more motivated than ever to meet your 2019 fitness goals! So, what are you waiting for? Head over today and speak to one of our highly qualified trainers and let’s get you moving!

***(there is no guarantee of specific results and results can vary based upon each individual )

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